Travel to Madagascar – Episode 141

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The Amateur Traveler talks to Marilyn about her recent trip to Madagascar. Marilyn grew up in this remote and exotic destination and finally had a chance to show her adopted homeland to her husband. Learn about beaches, lemurs, and beaches. Also learn how one friend funded his entire trip to Madagascar with vanilla.


Europe – Packaged Tour Groups Pros/Cons

Show Notes


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Ile Sainte Marie tourism
Île Sainte-Marie
Berenty Reserve (where the lemurs are)
Malagasy Language
Madagascar Health Concerns – experts in travel to Madagascar and elsewhere (ask for Suzanne)
Music of Madagascar

Internet Resources – get a last minute hotel room
Travel Tip – to save money try and bundle your airfare and hotel when you are going to one destination


Keith sends in a correction about Tunisian Visas
Lots of positive feedback on Iran show

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That pick simply kicks ass…epic win



I found a resource that might help:
It’s a travel site devoted entirely to Madagascar.

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